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Golden Apple Awards

Golden Apple Awards

FOX66, Pioneer Sugar, DM Burr Heating and Cooling, and Graff Automotive Group are proud to present the Golden Apple Awards recognizing outstanding Mid-Michigan K-12 teachers!

We have now posted all nominated teachers for voting! Vote for your favorite teacher below and then tune in on Wednesday, June 3rd to "FOX 66 News at 10" for the announcement of the winning teacher! The winner will receive a FOX 66 Golden Apple Award in their name and will be recognized for their tremendous work on FOX 66 throughout June!

Click here for the official rules.

The Nominees

Amy Harvey
2nd Grade Teacher at Freeland Learning Center

I have enjoyed all my teachers in Freeland. I will always remember how nice Mrs. Harvey was as my second grade teacher at Freeland Learning Center. She is understanding, friendly, and kind. She made being in second grade fun! I would like to recognize her for a Golden Apple Award.


Amy Winter
Kindergarten Teacher at Handley Elementary School, Saginaw

Mrs. Winter is a very dedicated, loving, and AWESOME teacher. She is always willing to listen to me and help me when my asthma is acting up. She takes time out of her day to contact my mom and make sure I am getting my medicine correctly.

I think a teacher that goes above and beyond their duties deserve to be a Golden Apple winner. She makes me feel safe when I am at school with my asthma. I have also learned more than I could imagine this year because of the time Mrs. Winter has spent with me.


Ann Schultz
Transitional Kindergarten at Shepherd Elementary School

Mrs. Ann Schultz is a wonderful teacher! We are absolutely pleased with her teaching skills and how she handles the children in her classroom. She is a teacher that takes each student under her wing and makes sure they are protected and cares for each one of them in the way they should be cared for by a teacher. She is a great person for molding the children for the Kindergarten class that they will attend the following year. We have heard nothing but great positive comments from other parents and school leaders regarding Mrs. Schultz. She is the teacher that should receive the GOLDEN APPLE AWARD as she goes above and beyond her position to make sure the children are on the right track with learning and respecting others in the classroom and school overall.


Blake Felsing
5th Grade Teacher at Shields Elementary School, Swan Valley

He's really nice. He's really funny and knows how to work with kids. Great all around teacher and makes things very understandable. Even though he is a Michigan fan, he is still my favorite.


Chris Deming
Middle & High School Band Teacher at Swan Valley Middle & High School

Chris Deming is a funny teacher who makes learning enjoyable. He puts his students before himself. Deming is very encouraging. His comments and criticisms are sincere and constructive. Students enjoy going to his class.


Cindy Richmond
2nd Grade Teacher at Elsa Meyer Elementary School, Corunna

Mrs. Richmond is extremely talented as an educator. She goes above and beyond for every student and she is very supportive to the parents/families as well! She is always smiling and expresses a warm hearted welcome to everyone she encounters.


Cindy Rudert
1st Grade Teacher at Vowles Elementary School, Mt. Pleasant

For my seven year old school has been a constant struggle. My son was well below grade level and had behavior problems when he entered Mrs. Rudert's first grade classroom. Mrs. Rudert took the time to care and worked with me to make sure my son got the extra help he so desperately needed. My son has grown so much this year and I know I have Mrs. Rudert to thank for helping push him to strive to do better. She recognizes his strengths and weaknesses and adjust her teaching to make it work for him. Her patience and persistence is exactly what he needed to turn his attitude and behavior around. I no longer have to sit at home all day in a panic waiting for the phone to ring with a call about his behavior and it has been an amazing relief. I cannot thank Mrs. Rudert enough for the new confidence and positive attitude my little boy has for school and his abilities. Mrs. Rudert is truly an amazing her cares about the best interests of her students.


Courtney Theisen
5th Grade Teacher at Shields Elementary School, Swan Valley

I would like to nominate Courtney Theisen from Shields Elementary School for the golden apple award. Mrs Theisen has a wonderful and inspiring personality, genuine concern for her students and the ability as an educator to help them shine! She has been our son's teacher over the past year when he was a new transfer to the school. Mrs. Theisen welcomed him to Swan Valley Schools and to her class and gave him a special job to make him feel important. She has provided him individual attention when he needed it, and even helped him with one of his scout badges on her own time. I believe any child would be lucky to have Mrs. Theisen as their teacher in the future.


Crystal Holland
Kindergarten Teacher at Thomson Elementary School, Davison

I'm nominating my sons kindergarten teacher. She has been such a blessing for my son! She goes above and beyond to help her students. She is caring, helpful and compassionate. She's always there if I have a question or concern. I feel very lucky that our family was blessed with her this year!


Darlene McClendon
3rd Grade Teacher at Eisenhower Elementary School, Flint

Mrs. Darlene McClendon is a wonderful teacher. This year her classroom was disbanded at the end of January 2015 and she was made to become a Science Intervention Specialist and so now she will retire at the end of this school year. I would love to see her nominated and win the Golden Apple Award for all of her life's hard work. She will never get another chance to do so. She's an awesome teacher that is very diversified and teaches and treats all children, regardless of color or social status, the same. She doesn't yell at the children or raise her voice and gives them a sense of love and calmness, which most inner city kids do not get. She took the time to teach the children diversity and now my grandson knows about not only about Christmas, but also Hanukkah, Ramadan, and Kwanza. She teaches them even though there are differences in people, we are all still the same. We all have our own beliefs, but we all need love, kindness and attention. Just because someone may not look like you, they still are like you. Be proud of the differences between you and your friends because that is what makes I believe that Mrs. McClendon should be nominated and awarded this distinguished honor for her continued efforts in teaching and teaching diversity to our young so that they can continue to do the same to others throughout their lives to make the world a better place for everyone to live in.


Heather Quellet
6th Grade Math Teacher at Swan Valley Middle School

I would say that Mrs. Quellet would be the best math teacher I've ever had. Unlike a lot of the other teachers she lets kids be themselves. She takes teaching very serious but at the same time she makes it fun, kids actually want to come to her class every single day! If you're in a bad mood and you go to her class she can cheer you up in an instant. Like I said, she makes learning fun but she always gets the job done! In my opinion she is the best teacher in the world!!


Jack Flory
High School History Teacher at Whittemore-Prescott High School

My teacher, Mr. Flory, is very hardworking and selfless. He teaches our class in such a way as for us to learn a lesson and to receive a value from it as well. He isn't strict or stern but has a rather firm attitude with the class. Mr. Flory always has a smile on his face, just being in his History class make the school day brighten up just a shade.I look to him not just for help in his class but for others too. Mr. Flory isn't there for a paycheck he is there to educate our generation. He is an inspiration for me as I hope he is for others as well.


Jay Gross
High School English Teacher at Shepherd High School

Mr. Gross is an amazing leader and is full of encouragement for his students.


Jeff Erickson
High School Teacher at Whittemore-Prescott High School

To us students, it seems that Mr. Erickson makes sure his students and athletes are always on top. From working hard in the class, or out on the field. He goes out of his way in every aspect of his career(s) and I don't think he actually knows how much his students/athletes actually appreciate it.


Jennifer Bailey
7th Grade Language Arts/Reading Teacher at Caro Middle School

Ms. Bailey is a dynamic teacher in the classroom, but in addition is highly active on our school's leadership team. She has worked hard, taking leadership in our Positive Behavior Intervention Support program. She works tirelessly at finding ways to promote positive behavior in students through special activities and rewards. She has served on the leadership and school improvement teams and has had a positive influence, offering ideas and suggestions for improving student success. She is a hard worker and goes above and beyond for students!


Jennifer Harris
2nd Grade Teacher at Handley Elementary School, Saginaw

Mrs. Harris was a gym teacher before the district cut back on staff. She transitioned into the classroom without any glitches. It was as though she had been teaching the curriculum forever. She is so kind and loving toward the children even at 3 in the afternoon. : ) She treats the children with love and respect and gets it in return. I have seen her function and react to extreme emotional behaviors from some children and she has handled them with such calmness and expertise that I have never seen by a teacher before and I raised my 2 daughters 10 years apart and am now raising my granddaughter who is in Mrs. Harris's classroom. Mrs. Harris expresses appreciation for good behavior and generously rewards the children for their good behavior. MRS. Harris strives for harmony with her classroom and her coworkers which I have observed and found to be so refreshing. MRS. Harris is very worthy of your Golden Apple reward.


Jennifer Rupprecht
4th Grade Teacher at St. Charles Elementary School

She is one of the few teaches that go above and beyond what is expected of a teacher. She helped my son when he was struggling with school and she single handily turned him around and helped him to actually like school. She makes her classes fun and in today's world I think that kids are not able to be kids a lot of the time. She deserves this award as far as I am concerned. She makes a parents job easier during the school year. I think she is a very very good teacher.


Joanne Terrian
High School English Teacher at Swan Valley High School

Caring is a simple word yet outstanding quality only a few are able to posess and Mrs. Terrian is one of those few. I have admired this wonderful teacher since my freshman year in high school. Mrs. Terrian possesses the many qualities that describe a Golden Apple Award nominee but to describe the impact she has had on me could not be possible in 250 words or less. Mrs. Terrian has imporved my attitude towards school and I would not be the student I am today if she was not my teacher. Thank you to Mrs. Terrian for all that she does and I can only hope that others will recognize the dedication she puts forth to improve her students knowledge.


Karla Parker
7th & 8th Grade English/Language Arts Teacher at Swan Valley Middle School

Karla Parker is the type of educator who inspires her students to think out of the box and become the best people that they can be. Her involvement with the America & Me Essay and Saginaw County Spelling Bee are just a couple of areas that she allows her students to shine. She is always positive and open minded and really gets her students to a higher level. Her ability to motivate her students while being their biggest cheerleader makes her so very special. She is not one for taking credit but ensures that others are recognized. As a parent it is a pleasure to have such an exceptional educator in Swan Valley. Karla is one of a kind and even though my child will be entering High School I can't help but to stay involved with the events that she backs for her students. Incredible......absolutely! A teacher who's impact on those around her are not limited to just her students but the parents who have come to know her and are inspired by her as well. Karla truly is GOLDEN!


Kelly Kiss
Special Education Teacher at Sherwood Elementary School, Saginaw

Kelly Kiss has worked with both of my sons who had speech issues. They were also very timid and shy. When they entered Kelly kiss's class and blossomed! She is always happy and makes her children eager to learn and appreciate education. The kids in her class feel safe and loved and they have so much fun with her. I as a parent always feel ensured that my children are in good hands!


Kim Rummler
Physical Education Teacher at Swan Valley Middle School

Ms.Rummler is the best teacher she goes above and beyond to help you. She doesn't let you give up and she makes you work hard. She is always there if you need someone. Everything she does makes a difference in someone's life.


Linda Meyer
K-4 Special Education Teacher at Perry Elementary School

Linda Meyer goes above and beyond the every day expectations of a teacher. She oversees our Perry Poppers program where students pop popcorn on Friday, sell it to their peers, and all money raised is donated to the local Perry food bank. Mrs. Meyer's students deliver the proceeds to the food bank themselves in early November and are able to see some of the families they help. In addition to the popcorn program, Mrs. Meyer shows a deep caring for all of her students. She goes above and beyond as an educator and I'm proud to have her on my teaching team.


Lisa Zolna
Physical Education at Indian Hill Elementary School, Grand Blanc

Mrs. Zolna inspires students to set, meet, and exceed physical fitness goals in her classroom. She volunteers to organize a Field Day each spring. She knows each of her 500+ students by name and encourages them to each to be the best that they can be.


Matt Jacob
7th & 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher at Swan Valley Middle School

Mr. Jacob is an outstanding teacher. He brings the real world into the classroom with every subject he teaches. He is kind, professional, and works well with all students. He understands his students' needs and ensures his lessons deliver the type of differentiation that is necessary for ALL students to be successful. He has been my children's middle school teacher and I can attest to his outstanding ability to reach all students to achieve their academic success. Mr. Jacob is a dedicated professional who deserves to be recognized for his outstanding service to education! Please join me in nominating Mr. Jacob for the Golden Apple award!


Mitzi Schwab
K-5 Title Teacher at Akron-Fairgrove Elementary School

Mitzi has gone above and beyond this year for the students at Akron-Fairgrove Elementary. She is always willing to help students who may need a little extra boost. She is a Viking through and through, going through all her elementary, junior high and high school years at A-F. She cares about our school and the community. Our school family unfortunately lost a student this year. Mitzi put together a gofundme initiative to start a "Lego Legacy" in memory of him. Her thoughtfulness and generosity will never be forgotten. I can't say enough about Mitzi. She's an excellent and experienced teacher who will do whatever necessary to have students be successful learners and productive members of society.


Rhonda Bringard
8th Grade History Teacher at Caro Middle School

Mrs. Bringard works hard for students. She serves not only a teacher in the classroom but as a Student Council Advisor. She is not only concerned about the success of students in her own classroom but is willing to assist any student, grade 6-8 who may be struggling in their classes. Mrs. Bringard can be seen at many athletic events supporting our students and often volunteering at the high school level for their concession stand at athletic events. In addition to serving students she is a leader among her teacher colleagues servings at the Caro Education Association President, leading and supporting them as well. Caro Middle School Students are her professional priority! She is all about kids!


Sandra Cheek
High School Business & Math Teacher at Arthur Hill High School

At a time when most people are thinking of retirement, Mrs. Cheek is constantly learning the latest in technology and instructional strategies to help support her at risk students to acquire math skills they have struggled with to learn. She teaches Strategic Math which has the lowest students at each grade level in Math. She makes learning fun using online assessments, TINspire calculators and Navigator for immediate feedback, they use Chromebooks and SmartBoards to make learning fun, engaging and relevant. Students measure their own progress and meet their goals with 80% mastery or better. Mrs. Cheek's students know she is determined to make them learn! She will stop at nothing to get them on board. Students know if they miss her class, they will miss out on something important. The gains her students make are phenomenal. I've never seen a teacher so excited to teach and share with her students. I think the fact that she is a model of a true life long learner and she isn't afraid to explore and learn with her students is what has endeared them to her. She has created the ultimate safe learning environment. She openly tells everyone she loves her students and teaching math! Her students know, without a doubt, that is true!


Terri Schulz
4th Grade Teacher at Akron-Fairgrove Elementary School

Ms. Schulz gives her all to her students every single day. She holds them to the highest standards and sets high expectations. Her students know that she cares for them.

She frequently goes above and beyond and is on the Curriculum Council and School Improvement Team, as well as being a Volleyball Coach. Students learn the importance of respect in Ms. Schulz's class. They learn how to treat others and how to show respect for themselves. By teaching these lessons first, Ms. Schulz ensures that all her students can be prepared for the academic material she presents.


Tiffany Matuzak
7th Grade Math Teacher at Swan Valley Middle School

Mrs. Matuzak is inhumanly kind. She works hard every day to fulfill every students needs. Everything she does is solely for her students and she is least interested in herself. She prepares us for our life and schooling still ahead of us , to make sure we will succeed. Please nominate Mrs. Matuzak!


Travis Mularz
2nd Grade Teacher at Havens Elementary School, Swan Valley

Mr. Mularz is one of the hardest working teachers that I have had the pleasure of sharing my children with.He has a special relationship with each and every one of his children. When he sees a child struggling he immediately sends home extra work and also holds a reading class on Tuesdays for extra help. He is independently always there for the children in his classroom. Not many teachers after the time is up is willing to stay after to go above and beyond. Even with many doctors appointments and health concerns, Mr. Mularz never puts anything on the back burner with his class. He is hard working and VERY dedicated to teaching. When I think about our individual callings as adults I think about how he is serving his purpose to others. Mr. Mularz is a blessing! I'm thankful that he is here at Swan Valley!


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