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Golden Apple Awards

Golden Apple Awards

FOX66, Pioneer Sugar, DM Burr Heating and Cooling, and Graff Automotive Group are proud to present the Golden Apple Awards recognizing outstanding Mid-Michigan K-12 teachers!

We have now posted all nominated teachers for voting! Vote for your favorite teacher below and then tune in on Wednesday, December 9th to "FOX 66 News at 10" for the announcement of the winning teacher! The winner will receive a FOX 66 Golden Apple Award in their name and will be recognized for their tremendous work on FOX 66 throughout December!

Click here for the official rules.

The Nominees

Adam Gardner
High School Vocal Music Teacher at John Glenn High School, Bangor Schools

I think Mr.Gardener is the best teacher because he manages to get all of our work done but still have fun. One of the ways he makes it fun is he is possibly the most funny person you will ever meet. Those are the reasons I think Mr. Gardener deserves this award.


Adam Mager
Middle School History Teacher at Fulton Middle School

Mr. Mager does a great job in the classroom instructing students and making them feel welcome. He allows students to congregate in his classroom in the morning before school to play four square or Wii Dance. Both boys and girls feel welcome and appreciated for his patience an time, as well as providing students with a safe haven.


Alicia Flynn
8th Grade Math Teacher at Swan Valley Middle School

I would like to nominate Miss Flynn because she cares about her students. She is some one that I can easily talk to about school and personal issues. She has a way of making learning fun. She makes sure everyone is understanding a subject matter before moving on and uses her free time to help students that need extra help. Not only is she a great teacher, she's a great coach and participates in many extracurricular activities. She invests a lot of herself in her students and she is some one I feel would be there for any student no matter what the need.


Amy Smithers
3rd Grade Teacher at Laker Elementary School, Pigeon

We transferred our son to this school this year and this is her first year with Lakers. He describes her as giving the class a lot of work ,but makes it fun. He also said when she says the activity will be fun, it will be. For us as parents, we feel good with our decision moving him to this school. She always makes time to talk to us and our son before or after class.


Ann Riffel
High School English and Leadership Teacher at Bay City Western High School

I would like to nominate Ann Riffel for the Golden Apple Award. It is my great honor and privilege to do so. Mrs. Riffel far exceeds the expectations of a teacher. She is a leader within the profession. She is a devoted teacher and has demonstrated her role goes above and beyond what is expected. Mrs. Riffel is an outstanding educator, mentor, and leader.

The lessons I learned while in her class have stayed with me beyond the walls of high school. Mrs. Riffel truly invests time in her students. She took the time to listen to me and provided guidance in a difficult time in my life. Once I graduated from high school, Mrs. Riffel was there numerous times to provide educational expertise and support as I continued my own educational journey through college as she has also done for other former students. I would not have seen my own potential without her support.

Mrs. Riffel also developed a leadership class in which each year she engages students in thought provoking instruction on the study of leadership qualities and characteristics and the impact of community service projects. Mrs. Riffel is a light within her community from within the classroom as well as outside of the classroom; including encouraging students to volunteer for community events, organizing fundraisers for charitable events, and engaging and guiding students in creating community service projects. She has impacted the lives of many within the community.

I know of no one more deserving of this recognition.


Ann Wiley
High School Civics and History Teacher at Swan Valley High School

Mrs. Wiley has been an amazing teacher to my class and I! We love all of the activities she plans for us and her study method is so much easier for us to understand! I also know that recently that part of her house has gone through a fire and she has to live with her parents for now. Yet she still spends time teaching us because that's the amazing teacher she is!


Beth Gehoski
Accounting Teacher at Bay City Western High School

She goes out of her way to explain everything to each and every student. Mrs. Gehoski asks everyone if they understand what is being taught and if she notices someone struggling she gives them one on one help until they understand what's happening. She is always extremely enthusiastic about her teaching.


Brian Stephens
History, Psychology, and Economics Teacher at Swan Valley High School

Mr. Stephens goes above and beyond inside and outside of the classroom. When I took AP World History, it was the most challenging class I was faced with yet. I am a horrible test taker and so Mr. Stephens would stay after class and before and after school to ensure I understood material. He gave me several new tips for how to better my testing skills. He has also supported my senior project immensely and has donated cans towards my can drive to make my funds possible. Mr. Stephens has believed in me even when I did not believe in myself. He is an outstanding role model, teacher, and friend to his students. Please consider him! Thank you


Bryan Yuvan
High School Science Teacher at Hemlock High School

Mr. Yuvan is the definition of what all teachers and professors alike should be like. He is fun and entertaining but also teaches students the knowledge they will need for college. He is the reason I am pursuing a career in Astrophysics.


Cory Snider
Middle School English Language Teacher at Christa McAuliffe Middle School, Bay City

I think that Mr. Snider should get this because he is simply awesome. I am joking. He tries to teach in ways that will make it easier for people to learn and he almost always understands. He knows how to keep the classroom under control. He lets the students get involved with running the classroom and he gives us lot of responsibility, and I think that's good. To be honest he just has nice hair.


Courtney Thiesen
5th Grade Teacher at Shields Elementary School, Swan Valley

Mrs. Thiesen is the most caring, thoughtful teacher I've met. She genuinely cares for her students and goes out of her way to make their day better. She is a fantastic educator; doing all she can to help the children learn in their own way. She spreads love and cheer to all the children. I wish all teachers were like her!


Craig Carpenter
High School Math Teacher at Heritage High School

I am a junior now. Mr. Carpenter continues to be the best teacher I ever had. Not only did he go out of his way to explain things in class in a very competent, patient, and professional manner, but he went above and beyond to help me in a following year when he wasn't even my teacher. He's incredible and stands above any other teacher I've had.


Dabney Duesenbery
4th Grade Teacher at Shepherd Elementary School

There is two words that describes Mrs. Duesenbery and that is absolutely amazing. Every day she beyond her job as a teacher. Her "students" are her "kids" she treats them like they are her own. She has the patients of a saint and will do whatever she needs to do to help her "kids" get where they need to be. She works with those kids at their level and does everything she needs to,to get them where they need to be. When my son broke his arm and required a invasive surgery she re arrange his seat to a spot in the class room where he wouldn't get bumped and had everything all set up and ready for bus return after being off school for a week. I don't think she ever has a bad day, she greets those kids with a smile on her face everyday. Please please pick Dabney for this award she deserves it!


Dan Brandt
Middle School Math Teacher at Christa McAuliffe Middle School, Bay City

Both of my children disliked math. One really struggled. His fun, energetic style helped my kids change their view on math. Both of my kids grew leaps and bounds in this area thanks to him.


Emily VanFleteren
Middle School English and Physical Education Teacher at Swan Valley Middle School

Mrs. VanFleteren is the best teacher! She is smart and very intelligent and informative. Everyday she puts forth her best effort and everyday she succeeds!! Everyday people want to come to her class. She is the kind of teacher that everybody wants! She is very fun but at the same time she gets the point across! She makes learning fun, she even makes school fun. Having her as a teacher is the best thing in school i could have wished for!


Genelle Campeau
High School ELA, Yearbook, and Writing for Publication Teacher at Heritage High School

Mrs. Campeau is a dedicated teacher who makes learning fun. She works hard to create unique projects and activities that help her students learn. She cares deeply about all students, and she deserves to be recognized.


Gwendolyn Windiate
6th & 7th Grade Science Teacher at Christa McAuliffe Middle School, Bay City

Gwendolyn Windiate is a 6th and 7th grade science teacher. She teaches at Christa McAucaliffe Middle School. Gwen is a very hard working teacher and tries her best at teaching 2 grades a day. She is currently teaching us 6th graders food chains and food webs right now. She is a very nice woman to work with. I see her with teachers all the time trying to work together and she is always sticking to the positive side. She is very organized woman. She always works so hard to do things for us and she deserves some recognition.


Heather Quellet
6th Grade Math Teacher at Swan Valley Middle School

She is very funny and extremely serious when it comes to learning. If someone is having trouble, she will take the time to help them out. She is the nicest teacher in the world. Please pick her!


Heidi Erlenbeck
High School Math Teacher at Swan Valley High School

Mrs. Erlenbeck is one of the best teachers I have ever had. She is always there to help, and gives 110% to make sure her students understand what is being taught. She makes everyone feel welcome, and will never hesitate to give a helping hand. Her positivity makes you glad to be in her class, and she can always lighten up your day. I was so lucky to have Mrs. Erlenbeck as a teacher.


Heidi Trepkowski
5th Grade Teacher at Carrollton Elementary School

She is an amazing lady with a love for teaching. It shines right through her. Her ability to to encourage all of her students to love the process of learning is a breath of fresh air.


Jeff Albrecht
Middle School Math Teacher at Christa McAuliffe Middle School, Bay City

He is a great math teacher. He knows how to teach. He's takes teaching in a fun way. He knows how to turn your frown upside down. When I was crying he made me smile. He's a big Ohio State Buckeyes fan. hes crazy at dress code don't wear anything inappropriate


Jennifer Gradowski
Middle School Social Studies Teacher at Christa McAuliffe Middle School, Bay City

Ms. Gradowski is the greatest! She is involved in a lot of after school activities with the kids. She invites the new 6th graders for a swim party before school starts, she leads them in a parade during homecoming. She helped arrange to have a sidewalk constructed between Euclid and Two Mile on Kiesel for the safety of our children. She is always helping out at football games. She's like Waldo. You always know that she is there somewhere. She gives lots of big hugs. She is a phenomenal Michigan fan. I love her!


Jennifer Mackey
Middle School Reading and Spanish Teacher at Swan Valley Middle School

It is no secret that Mrs. Mackey is smart in and out of school. I am constantly learning from her, whether it's something as simple as context clues, or how to deal with stuff outside of school. Without her as my teacher for the past 3 years, I don't know where I would be right now. She is one of those teachers who really makes you think no matter what it is. Mrs. Mackey doesn't compare students, and only sees the good in you. I get advice from her all the time, and coming from her I know she wants the best for me. She is the kind of teacher that doesn't do what she does in search of recognition, but still deserves it. I think this is the kind of teacher that should be nominated for the golden apple awards and many others would agree with me.


Jennifer Morrison
Middle School Math Teacher at Martin G. Atkins Elementary-Middle School, Saginaw

It is an honor to nominate Jennifer Morrison for the Golden Apple Award. She has always been a kind and caring teacher. She has always puts the needs of her students first. She works hard to make sure each of her students are learning. I have never seen her send a student to the office. She always tries to get to the bottom of their problems. I had the opportunity to sub in her classroom several years ago. I was very impressed how well her lesson plans were organized. It made it very easy to teach her students. I can't say enough positive things about her. Even when her students move on to the high school she still follows and encourages them. She goes beyond and above the call of duty. She is at the school day and night. I wish all teachers would be as dedicated to their students as she is.


Jeremy Mitchell
Interim Principal at Indian Hill Elementary School, Grand Blanc

Jeremy has been a high school social studies teacher at Grand Blanc High School for several years. He is very well respected and liked by his students and peers. Recently, he was asked to fill in for our principal here at Indian Hill Elementary while she is away tending to a family emergency. Little did he, or any of us know how trying this new position could be. However, he has jumped in with both feet and has impressed all of us with his passion, heart, and dedication to our kids, parents, and staff. He is very deserving of this Golden Apple Award.


JoAnn Schneider
High School English Teacher at Swan Valley High School

Mrs. Schneider is one of those teachers that isn't just there to get her paycheck and leave, she is a teacher who cares deeply about her students, and is always putting others before herself. She goes way above and beyond the classroom, and would do anything for her students. She was not only my teacher my freshman year, but a role model as well. I don't think she has an ounce of evil in her, and I can't think of anyone more deserving of this award.


Jon Kasemeyer
Middle School Science and Social Studies Teacher at Christa McAuliffe Middle School, Bay City

He is cool. He is not too strict but he is not too flexible. He is also pretty funny!


Karen Miller
Middle School English Language Arts Teacher at Christa McAuliffe Middle School, Bay City

She is one of those teachers who is nice, caring, concerned, and many more. She is always looking for helpers to help her out during lunch which is a good thing. She is always happy! She is never sad. She is one of the nicest teachers you will ever meet! This is my teacher!


Kate Foster-Dupuis
Special Education Teacher at Carrollton Elementary School

There are not words that can describe how grateful we are for Mrs. Dupuis! She was the guiding light for us about 3 years ago when our son joined her classroom. Things were very confusing for us, learning our son had Aspergers Syndrome, hearing about difficulties he would face and the rough road ahead of us. You always want to know that your child's teacher is looking out for your child and taking their best interest to heart. Mrs. Dupuis has gone above and beyond that, making us feel like family. We have an open communication with her about our child in ways we've never experienced from others in teaching. Not only does she modify the learning environment to meet her students needs, she knows how to work with each of them on an individual basis and the best way for them to learn. She faces struggles every day, sometimes even facing violence, anger, and other extreme emotions from her pupils. She is extremely dedicated to her students and parents. We really feel she is a gift to us, because if it were not for Mrs. Dupuis, our world would be very different right now. On behalf of my whole family, we would like to nominate her for a Golden Apple award. The compassion and perseverance she shows every day, is really a blessing for us all.


Kathryn Louks
2nd Grade Teacher at R.B. Havens Elementary School

Mrs. absolutely a sweetheart. She is caring, lovable, hard working, and an amazing teacher. She truly cares about each individual student in her classroom. She goes out of her way to do special things for the students like a "frozen treat" from McDonald's if they go above and beyond the requirements. I am truly so happy and lucky she is my sons teacher this year.


Kayleen Gascho
Kindergarten Teacher at Laker Elementary School, Pigeon

Ms. Gascho is one of the most dedicated, enthusiastic, and caring teachers. In her first year of teaching, she has shown immense dedication to her students and the field by pushing herself toward excellence, and thus her students toward excellence. Her career will be long and successful because of her big heart.


Kevin Miller
6th Grade Math Teacher at Christa McAuliffe Middle School, Bay City

Mr. Miller is the best teacher in our school. He will help you with anything like homework and questions. His class runs really smooth so that's why I nominate Mr. Miller.


Kourtney Bourbina
9-12 Emotional Impairment Room Teacher at Carrollton High School

Mrs. Bourbina has been the biggest difference in my daughter's life. We switched schools for her EI program in 10th grade. Ever since, my daughter has had the most success in her school career. Being emotionally impaired and ASD caused problems in school, but with Kourtney as her teacher- she has had little to no problems. Her program is simply phenomenal. My daughter also has much more confidence in herself. Kourtney has believed in her, and made her a better student and person.


Kristin Palmer
Business/Technology Teacher at Swan Valley High School

Mrs. Palmer is a very nice and understanding teacher.


Lauren Armbruster
Middle & High School Special Education Teacher at Elkton/Pigeon/Bay Port School District

Lauren has been a blessing to our family. She dedicated herself to helping my son work through his issues in school and never gave up on him when so many others had. Through all the hardships that were caused, she stuck by his side trying to build his confidence to move past his obstacles. Every act was selfless and proved how much she cared for her students. It did not stop at my son, she puts herself out there everyday to help the kids in school dealing with both learning and behavioral problems, when it is too much for the regular classroom, she takes over and gives these kids a reason to want to learn and respect those around them. She has been a blessing to my family and this entire school district. The world needs more Lauren Armbrusters.


Lauren Sager
6th Grade English Teacher at Christa McAuliffe Middle School, Bay City

My teacher is amazing. She is a beautiful, kind and amazing teacher at ELA and she respects everyone the same way.


Leanne Gauthier
Middle School English Language Teacher at Christa McAuliffe Middle School, Bay City

Ms. Gauthier is an ELA/Reading teacher at our school. She is nice, funny, dedicated to what she does, and most importantly, she teaches us really good and it is understandable what she is saying and she also finds ways to relate to what we're doing.


Lisa Workman
7th & 8th Grade Skills Teacher at Swan Valley Middle School

She is a wonderful teacher that is always working hard to keep up with her students. She is never a teacher that gives homework every night. She always looks up to everyone and get school dances organized and the homecoming prep rally. She NEVER GIVES UP.


Lori Boensch
5th Grade Teacher at Carrollton Elementary School

Mrs. Boensch is an amazing, talented teacher. She cares about your child and their learning. She is one of a kind!


Maria Markey
Kindergarten Teacher at Auburn Elementary School

From the day Mrs. Markey welcomed our child into her class, it has been clear that she values partnering with parents to develop children. She is a great communicator, and we see how the kids respond to her. She's simply amazing -- a true gem!


Matt Sawicki
Middle School Geography and English Teacher at Christa McAuliffe Middle School, Bay City

My ELA teacher Mr. Sawicki is awesome and never in a bad mood. He's very understanding when we don't understand or have a question.


Matthew Jacob
Middle School Social Studies and US History Teacher at Swan Valley Middle School

In both my seventh and eighth grade years of middle school, I had the distinct pleasure of being taught by a teacher who I consider the best I have had in my eleven years of education. Mr. Jacob's classes are always filled with both education and enjoyment for all of his students. He teaches with a relaxed approach, allowing students to learn in a way which best suits their personality. Additionally, his charisma and humor are famous throughout the entirety of Swan Valley Middle School

In addition to this, Mr. Jacob takes a personal interest in the lives of his students. He wears both the hats of a teacher and a mentor. Whenever a student has a problem, he is consistently willing to help and listen. This skill is what sets him apart from many other teachers.

I can recall many times where the skills, both academic and social, that I have learned in Mr. Jacob's class have helped me in my life as both a student and as a member of our community. Therefore, I feel that nominating him for this recognition would be a spectacular way of thanking the man who has forever left an incredibly positive impact on my life.


Matthew McLaren
6th Grade English and Science Teacher at Swan Valley Middle School

He is devoted to his job and loves kids. He is awesome. I had him last year and he was the best teacher I have ever had! He was the most funniest. I just hope he wins this. Go Vikings! Viking pride!


Melinda Freeland
High School Science Teacher at Kingston High School

Mrs. Freeland is an amazing teacher and mentor for Kingston HS students. She works tirelessly to make sure that her students are as successful as possible. Her influence extends beyond the traditional classroom setting as she also coaches and tutors students. As an ex-collegiate athlete she understands the power of self discipline and hard work. She is able to help students stretch beyond what they thought possible and achieve beyond their own expectations. She has tutored a number of students to ACT scores in the 30's. Mrs. Freeland makes a difference in Kingston everyday.


Melissa Clark
4th Grade Teacher at Shields Elementary School, Swan Valley

Mrs. Clark is a very involved caring teacher. She truly has the best in mind for her students. She always goes the extra mile to make sure her students succeed. She shows love and compassion in her teaching and it shows in her students!


Melissa Princinsky
2nd Grade Teacher at Elsa Meyer Elementary School, Corunna

Melissa is truly inspiring! She incorporates a variety of teaching styles and techniques in order to engage all of the students in her class. She has the patience of a saint! Melissa always encourages her students with positive statements (especially the ones who are struggling) which makes them feel valued. In addition she freely shares with her peers and is an inspiration to them as well. Her picture should be under "teacher" in the dictionary!


Melissa White
Middle School Social Studies Teacher at Mt. Morris Middle School

Melissa works tirelessly for our students. After graduating from Mt. Morris and then attending MSU, she returned to first teach at Central Elementary and Moore Elementary before moving to the Middle School. She looks for fun and creative ways to integrate technology into her daily instruction and connect our students to social studies. Mrs. White will frequently be seen after school or during her lunch working with students. She goes the extra mile for any of her students to ensure that they are successful. Mrs. White truly cares about the students she works with and always seeks out whatever resources that they need including donating clothing or reward lunches. Melissa also serves as a leader in the building through her work on the leadership team, technology coach and mentor teacher. Mrs. White is a valuable asset to the middle school and her students.


Mrs. Gatza
Preschool Teacher at List Elementary School, Frankenmuth

Every morning when dropping my son off at school Mrs Gatza is the first to greet us at the door, always with a smile on her face. She makes all the children feel welcome and her classroom atmosphere is very inviting. My son had a hard time, at the start of the year, and she was always there to calm him down and make him feel welcomed. She does a great job and my son loves her!


Ms. Wendling
Preschool Teacher at Carrollton Elementary School

I had the pleasure of having Ms. Wendling teach both of my sons preschool. She is a kind caring person who truly does love her students and does everything she can to feel comfortable and happy in there new learning environment. She has extremely good skills with getting the kids to open up to her and talk to her and she makes them want to learn. My sons are in kindergarten and first grade this year and they still talk about Ms. Wendling. Caleb my kindergartner says to this day she wasn't my teacher she was my friend, and I absolutely love that he didn't even want to take his diploma when they had there graduation party in class because he thought if he didn't accept it he could be with her the next year as well. my only regret is that she could not follow them throughout there school years because she is a one in a million kind of teacher. Her methods worked for both of my sons and my children will always remember her as will I. If anyone deserves this award it is this woman.


Renee Sommerfield
Kindergarten Teacher at List Elementary School, Frankenmuth

Mrs. Sommerfield is an unsung hero. She works extremely hard to ensure the success of each and every one of her students. She is in classroom early and often stays very late meticulously planning and preparing amazing learning opportunities for her class. My daughter is comfortable and thriving in her learning environment this year. She loves school and I owe the positive experience to Mrs. Sommerfield. She is a humble person always thinking of others before herself and all at the same time taking care of her own family. I want to sing it from the rooftops that List Elementary is so lucky to have her!


Roscoe Conklin
High School Chemistry/College Prep Teacher at Great Lakes Bay Early College

Mr. Conklin is by far the best teacher I have ever had. He told my chemistry class how he had struggled with chemistry in high school and college, which both inspired us and it provided him with the understanding of why we struggled with certain things, because he also struggled. Although he challenged us, he was always there for help and would always answer our late night emails. His wisdom of life taught us many things outside of the field of science. Science is, and always will be, my least favorite subject. But Mr. Conklin's class was always the class that I looked forward to the most. I always came out of his class with new knowledge, whether about science, or life.


Scott Kieser
Calculus Teacher at Bay City Western High School

He's a great guy. Good math teacher, I learn a lot. He's excellent at communicating with students and loves working with them.


Sharon Gamber
Principal at Grace Christian School, Saginaw

Mrs. Gamber is not only a great principal for our school but is also a great teacher. She sees the needs in our school and meets them by not only being the principal but filling the need of being a teacher and teaching 4 classes. She works so hard and has such a heart for her students not only as the principal but also as their teacher.


Stephanie Boehms
3rd Grade Teacher at Indian Hill Elementary School, Grand Blanc

Mrs. Beohms goes above and beyond for her students. She leads by example; showing her children that with hard work & respect you can achieve great things.


Susan Doud
High School Calculus and Engineering Teacher at Bullock Creek High School

Mrs. Doud is completely dedicated to her students. She is one of the lead mentors for the high school robotics team. When she realized that even though there was the robotics team to get students excited about STEM, there were not classes oriented around engineering. In just one summer, she learned the curriculum for an engineering class that she now teaches along with her high school math classes. She has inspired students so much that the robotics team has maintained about 10% of the student body. She has also worked very hard to inspire girls to pursue their dreams in STEM. For the past two years there has been a 50/50 ratio of girls to boys on the team. She is also always willing to help. Whether its early in the morning before school or 5 pm she will always answer questions that student may have about school, robotics, or even life. Mrs. Doud has been progressively changing the dynamic of Bullock Creek High school through her continuous efforts to help the students excel in STEM opportunities.


Tina Samson
1st Grade Teacher at List Elementary School, Frankenmuth

Ms. Samson has an absolutely wonderful rapport with her students. To grab their attention and teach them life skills, she creates wonderful characters and tells stories about them. My child listens to her every word. She has such a knack for understanding young children. In addition, she spends countless hours preparing to work with her students to provide them with an A+ education and communicating with parents. She even makes phone calls home specifically to the child to highlight what he/she has done that is to be commended. Those phone calls mean a lot to the students and to the parents! Ms. Samson is an absolutely wonderful educator and should be rewarded for her excellence.


Tracy Wilford
Middle School History and Health Teacher at Christa McAuliffe Middle School, Bay City

Mrs. Wilford is a very kind energetic and understanding teacher. She is there for you when you need help or after school if you just need to talk to someone. She is very active in our school programs and loves her students. She even informs us on her personal life and wraps it in with the lesson. Her class is truly fun.


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