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Golden Apple Awards

Golden Apple Awards

FOX66, Pioneer Sugar, DM Burr Heating and Cooling, and Graff Automotive Group are proud to present the Golden Apple Awards recognizing outstanding Mid-Michigan K-12 teachers!

We have now posted all nominated teachers for voting! Vote for your favorite teacher below and then tune in on Wednesday, March 9th to "FOX66 News at 10" for the announcement of the winning teacher! The winner will receive a FOX 66 Golden Apple Award in their name and will be recognized for their tremendous work on FOX66 throughout March!
Click here for the official rules.

The Nominees

Adam Gardner
Vocal Music Teacher at Christa McAuliffe Middle School, Bay City

He is so nice to everyone. He really is the best teacher I have ever had.


Amy Gilman
7th Grade English Teacher at Carrollton Middle School

Amy has a great personality, has staged and worked with the children to produce plays making money for the school by selling popcorn. She encourages the children to have confidence in themselves. Like many teachers, she does buy her own supplies to help her students. She recently completed her schooling herself and received her PhD. Amy was my sons first teacher, she gave him an awesome start and was patient with him when he would finish his work before other kids and she found he was advanced and encouraged him to read and kept him busy.This year Alex has tested out of regular high school (being only 14 and a freshman at the beginning of the year) and is enrolled in advance classes (junior and senior classes and starts college in January 12, 2016) she encourages her student to push ahead and never to say never! She also has taught both my kids. My daughter who is graduated had her also (my daughter having ADD and ADHD) she kept her focused. She is now a dear friend and I recommend her for the Golden Apple! I believe everyone is placed in people's lives for a reason and Amy is a awesome teacher who never discourages who students, she always supports them and encourages them to continue and push ahead and that they can do anything they want to do!


AnneMarie Reh
IB Language & Literature at Heritage High School

I've had misses Mrs. Reh two of the three years I've attended high school as an English teacher. She is very out going and she puts a lot into way she teaches. She wants the best for all of her students and will go out of her way to help anyone. She always has a smile on her face and has the spirit as if she was still a student herself. Mrs. Reh isn't definitely worthy of being nominated for this reward.


Annette Hamberg
Special Education Teacher at Carrollton Elementary School

Mrs. Hamberg is always going above and beyond for my daughter. She always takes extra steps with her to make sure she can be successful She keeps me informed of what is going on and is always available for us. I don't know what we would do without her!!


Benjamin Borsenik
High School Teacher at Bullock Creek High School

Very caring to all the students. Does fundraisers for our school. Gives his time, over and above 8-4. Coaches softball, gives the student jobs in the summer. Keeps in touch with the students after graduation. A wonderful person all around!


Brian Feldman
Social Studies Teacher at Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy

Mr. Feldman is a hardworking man. He organizes many fun educational activities like field trips to Washington D.C. and New York City.


Byron Gilmore
Instrumental Music Teacher at Flint Northwestern High School

Mr. Gilmore is more than a teacher. He is a mentor and idol. He help anyone he can and he's very devoted to make sure those children get a quality education. He truly there for more than a pay check. He believes in each and every student, he comes across. He's amazing.


Dan Brandt
Middle School Math Teacher at Christa McAuliffe Middle School, Bay City

Mr. Brandt is very nice and generous. He makes me smile every day.


Ganyor Mckenzie
1st Grade Teacher at Breckenridge Elementary School

She is hardworking and is in charge of many events. She has a creative mind and makes many people happy. At the school she handles the 1st graders very well. As well as teaching she is involved in many other things which makes her go above and beyond of what she does.


Kelly Alford
2nd Grade Teacher at Oaktree Elementary School, Goodrich

Her students are her life- she goes above and beyond making sure her kids are on target, safe, and best of all having fun learning. She brings joy to learning and I am constantly impressed by her commitment to her students (current and former) inside and outside the classroom.


Lorri Feriend
3rd Grade Teacher at Carrollton Elementary School

Mrs. Feriend was my third grade teacher as well as my coach for Girls on the Run. She taught me to never give up and to believe in myself. This year she invited me and some of my peers to join a book study after school. She puts extra time into helping students and that is why I am nominating Mrs. Feriend for the Golden Apple Award.


Lyndsay Hanson
4th and 5th Grade Science Teacher at Northridge Academy

My teacher is nice to her students she is kind to others she cares about her students and when her students need help she is always there to be helpful. Ms. Hanson goes the extra mile by making sure that we have school supplies with her money, snacks, and tutoring. She also made sure that our school participated in the new volleyball league this year. This wouldn't have happened if Ms. Hanson hadn't volunteer her time, patience and expertise. She has inspired me through her zest for teaching, hard work and dedication. Ms. Hanson has continued to go over and beyond the call of duty, making sure that we receive a GREAT education. THANK YOU, MS. HANSON!


Lynsey Welmers
Special Education Teacher at Carrollton Middle School

Miss Welmers is the best, she goes out of her way for her students, and their families. I've never seen a teacher that gets as involved with the kids to keep them on the right track than she does. She is the BEST!


Marc McKenzie
Principal at Carrollton Middle School

Mr. McKenzie started off as a gym teacher in the elementary school, and now is and has been the Principal of the middle school for the past 2 years. He is an amazing role model for all of the kids.


Matt Jacob
Middle School Social Studies Teacher at Swan Valley Middle School

Matt Jacob has been a wonderful teacher and a true inspiration throughout the years that he has taught at Swan Valley. I cannot begin emphasize the tremendous impact that he has had on the children of Swan Valley. Not only does he teach them in ways that get through to all of his students but he finds a way to connect with each and every one. I personally would like to thank him for being part of the Swan Valley community and making such difference in the lives of the students.


Michael Stoneback
High School English and Social Studies Teacher at Pinconning High School

Mr. Stoneback is the a complete definition of what it is to be an amazing teacher. Because of his skills as a great teacher he was able to help raise Pinconning's average score on the ACT not just over all but in English!


Mr. Molnar
High School Accounting Teacher at Heritage High School

Mr. Molnar is one of the best teachers I have ever had. He is always energetic, and always takes time for his students. By that I mean like other teachers, they go on their computers and go fill in grades, but Mr. Molnar is always with the students answering questions, and helping us out. He is the most alive, and happy person/teacher I have meet, and that's my I would like to nominate him.


Ms. Putnam
Music Teacher at List Elementary School, Frankenmuth

Ms. Putnam is a FANTASTIC music teacher. I don't know how she does it! She puts on absolutely wonderful performances for each grade level, kindergarten through fourth grades, several times throughout the year. They are outstanding productions that give students the opportunity to shine, share their strengths, and build their self-confidence. You can tell Ms. Putnam loves what she does; her enthusiasm and passion are infectious! List Elementary's students, including my daughter, are lucky to have her!


Nanette Brown
2nd Grade Teacher at Breckenridge Elementary School

Mrs. Brown is the best teacher because she cares about all her students and makes learning fun. Because of Mrs. Brown I like to go to school. She teaches us to be responsible for ourselves and teaches us respect for ourselves and others. She works hard to make the learning fun.


Pam Wojda
3rd Grade Teacher at Pinconning Central Elementary School

She is a kind hearted, caring person.


Scott Kieser
AP Calculus Teacher at Bay City Western High School

Mr. Kieser is a phenomenal teacher who shows us the way. He teaches Calculus but most of it is just Algebra. He is a great guy who lives calculus because in the future, all will become clear.


Shari Fresorger
4th Grade Teacher at Carrollton Elementary School

Mrs. Fresorger is my fourth grade teacher this year. She is very helpful and nice. My teacher rewards students when all homework is turned in every month. She always rewards her students with cool activities, such as making cupcakes, doughnuts and cider, nail painting party and painting arts and crafts. She always puts extra time towards her students and that is why I am nominating her for the Golden Apple Award.


Stacie Crawford
1st Grade Teacher at Zilwaukee Elementary School, Saginaw

I watch this woman put countless hours after school for her students and spend her own money to make sure they have a comfortable class room to learn in.

Stacie is a true example of the "leave no child behind". She works in a district with many types of students. Rich, poor, slow learners, excel learners, and handicapped. She treats them all with respect and gives each child not only the best education she can but also love, food, and support that they may not get at home. She is a leader in all aspects of life and students love her. Stacie excels in different ways to teach and handle difficult students or mentally disabled children. She has an autistic child of her own, so she is very determined to make life the best for all children. Stacie is a child at heart and involves herself with her district by volunteering for many different activities. She has been involved with coaching little cheerleaders, Christmas programs, and field trips. Stacie has three children of her own and three stepchildren. She is not only a teacher at her school but comes home to six children with homework questions. She is totally committed to their busy lives. All six are in sports of all kinds and she is always there to support them. Stacie is a true example of dedication to children and their education and promoting goals and life dreams. She has excelled in her own education by receiving a master degree in education. Stacie did her student teaching while eight months pregnant and having a 1 year old at home. All students at her school want her as their teacher. I hope you consider this nomination of Stacie Crawford. She is an awesome person, teacher, wife, and mother. She is truly deserves this Golden Apple Award.


Sue Dust
Math Teacher at Omni Alternative High School

Sue goes above and beyond to accommodate all students and make sure they have all the skills needed to be successful. She is incredible selfless and dedicates a lot of her time to ensure the attendance is taken care of for our school. She is always the first to be at work and the last to leave.


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